ESI can test surfaces and the breathable airspace for mold, bacteria, asbestos, chemical compound vapors, etc. We can also test your drinking water for lead and biological contaminants. We combine

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Property Managers (opt)

Property Managers

Environmental Solutions Inc. can provide solutions to your properties needs such as: Maintenance Engineer guidance for Mold Prevention and Awareness Quarterly Microbial Testing Vacated Unit Mold Clearance Unit Inspections, Testing,

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Have you had a contract put on hold or fall through because of mold or environmental issues? Renters and buyers are often scared out of a contract if an environmental

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Insurance Adjusters.

Insurance Adjusters

ESI’s reports help ensure that both the claim and practices of the remediation contractors are moving towards a common goal of restoring the property to its pre-claim condition, while eliminating

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remediation contractors.

Remediation Contractors

ESI has developed thousands of protocols that provide a complete and comprehensive understanding of the claim related and non-claim related issues for you and your clientele. When dealing with mold

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