Environmental Solutions Inc. can provide solutions to your properties needs such as:

  1. Maintenance Engineer guidance for Mold Prevention and Awareness

  2. Quarterly Microbial Testing

  3. Vacated Unit Mold Clearance

  4. Unit Inspections, Testing, and Remediation Management

  5. Board of Director & Tenant Meeting Support

  6. Determining Cause and Effect of Contaminated Areas

Our company identifies potential moisture sources and microbial contamination. We also measure and document the relative humidity and assess air quality and inspect your HVAC and duct system. Additionally, we can inventory and document all physical damage to property and furnishings.

Having your property tested can help prevent frivolous lawsuits involving indoor air quality claims that may or may not exist. Take a proactive approach by hiring ESI to test the property on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Recurrent sampling can help you ultimately keep costs down by helping maintain ambient conditions and stopping unexpected health issues before they occur.

ESI offers free seminars. Contact our office at (410)-867- 6262 or our Business Coordinator Maxi at maxi@esi4u.com  to schedule a seminar for your team. Our seminars offer 2 CAMICB continuing education credits.