Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s, are made up of various naturally occurring and manmade chemicals. Most VOC’s have higher concentrations indoors than outdoors, and can cause short- and long-term health effects, such as headaches, nausea, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. Long term exposure to some VOC’s can cause cancer and damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system.

Often, elevated VOC’s are first noticed due to an unknown scent. Most VOC’s emit a chemical or gas related odor.

Common sources of indoor VOC’s are:

  • Paints and varnishes

  • Cleansers, disinfectants, and solvents

  • Fuels and automotive supplies

  • Mothballs and pesticides

  • Personal care products and fragrances

ESI is able to test indoor environments for VOC’s to determine if elevated levels are present. Once determined, ESI will provide recommendations on how to resolve any issues that are found.